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By using Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic you will benefit in reducing hair loss and revitalizing the follicles which leads to the appearance of thicker, healthier hair.

How to apply?

  • Distribute the hair tonic evenly onto your scalp after shower
  • Gently massage your scalp a few minutes
  • Then wrap the hair into a warm towel for half an hour
  • No need to wash away
  • Recommend continuous use for 3 months

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100% natural hair tonic fpr better scalp and hair growth

How does Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic work?

1. Bamboo Flavonoids – natural anti-oxidant soothes the scalp to prevent hair loss as it
• slows the aging process of scalp
• protects hair follicles from inflammation
• revitalizes the follicles

2. Bamboo Silica – natural silica enhances appearance hair
• increases elasticity of scalp collagen
• nourishes hair roots
• reduces tangling
• softens the texture

3. Peppermint Hydrolate – refreshment soothes and relieves itching

4. Pea Serum – stimulates hair growth

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Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic for inflamed scalp and hair loss

Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic

Bamboo Hair Tonic S3


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100% Natural and Made in Switzerland

Our reduced formula, contains botanical extracts with active ingredients with high traceability
• Organic certified bamboo forest
• Wild collection
• Non-chemical solvents extract (in-house)
• preservative-free
• No skin irritant, no parabens, pigments and plasticizer, protecting sensitive scalp.

no skin irritant
No fragrance, mild herbal aroma
• No mineral oil, not greasy

“Bamboo Ocean Hair Tonic is Made in Switzerland. We produce every week a limited edition as we want to use very fresh ingredients only. The beauty of Switzerland is our inspiration for the world’s purest bamboo based hair tonic (”
Christian Gerig, CEO Organic Bamboo Industries AG.

The origin of our amazing bamboo serum is a wild, organic certified bamboo forest. Have a look and get inspired:

Please have a look at the latest independent reviews

YouTube Product Review by The Stylographers
Matthew Davis

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Organic Bamboo Industries AG
Seitzstrasse 13
CH-9000 St.Gallen

-> Email

UID: CHE-429.521.753
St.Gallen, Schweiz

8 thoughts on “

  1. I am always looking for something easy to use to prevent hair loss, not greasy, not oily, no hormone, no chemicals that I need to worry, is this really helpful? Got someone tried?

    1. Hello Laura, me too, I hate the greasy ones, I did hairstyling very month before and got hair loss problem from it, was in panic for a while :(. This one is really easy to use, it is like water-based moisturizer, very light and smells like bamboo tea, I love it. I´ve been using it since 2 months, recommended by a friend, finished one bottle, after 6 weeks I could see that at least there are less hair from me on the floor at home, very happy, I´m gonna continue, hope this is useful for you. It is a bit expensive, but I feel safe to use, I don´t know what is your problem, but please also take care on food and sleep, if it is hair problem, they are also very important.–Sabrina

  2. Got another round of compliments for my hair during the first family christmas dinners. Coming from a family with excessive hairloss:)
    So yes it works like a charm for me.
    Thank you guys.


  3. Hello Laura, I have very soft and long hairs, I wash them every second day, followed by this bamboo hair tonic, about 4 times per week. As the formula is very reduced, and I´ve checked all the ingredients, I fell totally safe to use it often. I followed the ritual, after shower, very relaxed (a glass of red wine) and give it a little time for absorption. Hope it works on you too….And thanks Bamqoo team!

  4. Hey all, this is the most amazing product that I’ve ever tried, literately, yes, I said ever! We treat our faces and bodies every day, moisturize, anti-aging, anti-acne, but what about our scalp? Like most of my friends, I didn’t notice this till one day, I got problem of itchy scalp caused by mild scalp inflammation, I had no clue how did I got it. I found this tonic and am really loving it. It is ritual scalp treatment, like a daily cream to scalp. With it I can properly moisturize my entire head after shower, the light, refreshing gel on scalp, with massaging…feels so good. Now my problem is gone, my hair loss is reduced, I highly recommend this bamboo hair tonic. Our scalp DO need our notice. Thanks for the amazing product, loving Bamqoo. I’ll definitely try your cream and toner as well.

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